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Making Summer Fun

Hi guys! In IT Svit summer time is always a hot time. Not only because of new projects and challenges, but also new people and associated activities. That’s why our team decided to spend a weekend together playing paintball!

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Startup Consulting

Hi there! In our previous articles we described some key aspects to keep in mind when creating and launching a startup. Today we want to get in more details about another important part of that process – consulting.

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Startup: Choosing Team Members

Considering the fact that your team is responsible for implementing your startup idea, it is vitally important to find right people, who will implement it as perfect as possible. That’s why you should pay special attention to this aspect.

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Startup development strategies and factors

Development strategy is one of the most important step when launching a startup besides a creative idea itself. It should be thoroughly created in order to describe all the steps the startup will go through, what benefits it provides, as well as consider an alternative strategy if something goes wrong. Let’s deep in more details. 

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Startup Ideas: Bullshit vs Brilliant

As you have already understood from our previous article, startup is a very popular business direction, especially in IT. Good startup ideas are a basis for investments, but great ideas can be even more successful and influential to the target market. Is it possible to determine at early stages which idea is good enough for a successful startup and which one …

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